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From...Profitable Businesses

A profitable business one that can predict cash-flow for the next 5 years using proven data so they can activate their vision. Profitable businesses make big impact in the communities they live and work in and the community returns the impact with loyal customers and clients.

To...Profitable Nonprofits

A profitable nonprofit is one that has enough money in the bank to cover operations for at least one year at the end of every fiscal year.

Nonprofits must be profitable to have bigger impact, retain and attract great staff, and be in position to activate its big vision.

Hi, I’m Denise…

Results-Driven CEO & Coach

I have coached hundreds of executives toward redirecting the financial outlook of their companies and organizations. I am committed to developing philanthropic strategies that create corporate social responsibility and strengthens the charitable footprint globally.

“I highly recommend Denise to anyone looking to grow as an executive.”

Highly Recommended

I had the joy of attending a presentation by Denise and working with her in the Nonprofit Consultants Cohort (at Candid), and in both cases have found her to be experienced, professional and great to work with. Highly recommend! 

Drew Reynolds

Common Good Data

Fabulously Brilliant

Denise is a wealth of knowledge and truly a go-getter. Fabulously brilliant and a hard worker, she is a powerhouse and true asset to all who work with her and for her. With a strong journalism background, she is a skilled writer who has perfected the crafted message. 

Stacy Ehrlich

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