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After 32 years as a coach, consultant and small business owner I have had the pleasure of working directly with executives at every career level - from the first job to ten or twenty years in.  Running a business, whether it is a nonprofit or for profit, is not for the weak at heart.  It takes incredible tenacity, determination and passion.  It also takes great skills to raise money, motivate your stakeholders, encourage the staff, build morale, and so much more.  Those who are most successful in being thriving entities have become influential in their communities - I like to call them community powerhouses.  The result is that people, and people with influence and loyalty are drawn to them.

 Take advantage of a free strategy session with me to discuss your challenges and see if working together can help you achieve your goals.  And, if you are strongly considering transitioning to a new role, then I can help you with strategy in these areas as well. 

How Is Your Personal Life?

Sometimes it is not about the skill set.  Perhaps, you know how to raise the money needed to run a profitable nonprofit. Perhaps you have a great board in place.  However, you may be finding that there is a personal cost to your brilliance at work.  Maybe you do not have work-life balance and your personal time freedom is threatened.  One-on-one coaching or group coaching with your peers who are experiencing the same personal struggles is the answer.  Let's chat about it and get you balanced. 

For Those Considering a Consulting Business

Looking At A Consulting Business?


Most consultants are former employees in the industry they want to consult in - executive directors, fundraisers, operations leaders, membership managers, strategists and more. 

After accomplishing major milestones for their employer, many turn to consulting as an opportunity to allow their big ideas to earn them more personal income. Starting a consulting business is an undertaking.  Most new consultants end up going back to a dreaded job within three years. Why? They had no proven plan to ensure they earned the income they needed to stay in consulting.  Passion does not automatically equal profit. 

Avoid Hitting Those Road Blocks


I hear countless stories of consultants who invested in Facebook Ads, LinkedIn ads and developed countless social media posts with zero results or they get contacted by client prospects who have no money.

You wake up each morning, checking to see if someone has booked a strategy session or sent you an email inquiry - you get crickets, nothing, zero possibilities.

That is frustrating and disheartening, but it does not have to be the case.  Thousands of consultants are making money through social media - they have tapped into the system that works. You can too!

No One Will Know Who You Are


Establishing a presence, where client prospects are coming to you as the go to consultant, is a game changer. 

No more searching for prospects in vain. We help you become a The Go To Consultant in your niche - so you can pick and choose who you want to work with. Imagine having so much work that you get to bring on a team of associates to help handle all of those clients.  True business CEO's have teams.  You can too!

You Will Burnout & Fail


Fail to plan and you plan to fail. Most new business fail in the first 3 years. Running a consulting business is no easy task.  It takes know-how to generate qualified leads. Know-how but not marketing expertise or countless hours of prospecting.  

No more networking events. 

There is a new system, created just for nonprofit consultants.  It is coaching like no other. Every year the Best Intentions Fail for a lack of support, resources and knowledge.  

What People Are Saying About Denise B. Lawrence

Highly Recommended


"I had the joy of attending a presentation by Denise and working with her in the Nonprofit Consultants Cohort (at Candid), and in both cases have found her to be experienced, professional, and great to work with. Highly recommend!' - Drew Reynolds, Consultant, Common Good Data 

Easy to Work With


 "She has a winning personality and is easy to work with. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to grow as an executive. She also offers great business classes that I took previously. It really helped me." - Michelle Harrison, Consultant, Entrepreneur, Nonprofit Executive

Expert Trainer


"I am pleased to recommend Denise Lawrence as an expert  trainer. Ms. Lawrence is personable and knowledgeable and came highly recommended from Foundation Center’s Director, Maria Azuri. Ms. Lawrence has conducted two outstanding workshops for Foundation Center."  - Asia Hadley, former Atlanta lead at the Foundation Center (Foundation Center is now Candid after merging with Guidestar)

World of Knowledge


"Denise has a passion for this. Her passion creates a drive and desire to help people. You'd be surprised by her world of knowledge. So take the time and find out more." - Dr. Becky Zimmerman, Diamond Z Enterprises

Fabulously Brilliant


"Denise is a wealth of knowledge and truly a go-getter. Fabulously brilliant and a hard worker, she is a powerhouse and true asset to all who work with her and for her. With a strong journalism background, she is a skilled writer who has perfected the crafted message." - Stacy Ehrlich, Owner, Seeds for Change Consulting

Impeccable Record


"Denise has an impeccable record as a strategist and consultant. Her business acumen is second to none! Not only is she an expert in her field, she has a great sense of humor, is very intelligent, and forward-thinking. Whenever I need advice, I call on Denise." - Michele Kimbrough, author, consult, data analyst. 

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Book a no-cost strategy session with me and let's determine if working together makes sense. Use the link below to tell me a little about your business and it will direct you to my schedule. - Denise 

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