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Hiring the Right Coach

A Coach Should Be...

When hiring the right coach, you need someone who is knowledgeable about your industry and the work you do. You need an expert.  Our coaches are all experts in nonprofit development - strategic planning, fundraising, board development, staff development, technology, succession planning, organizational assessments, budgeting and revenue generation.

What You Should Get...

When you hire the right coach you should be inspired and empowered to be a better leader.  You should enter your coaching program with an understanding and clarity about expectations and feel and alignment with your needs and your coaches abilities and capabilities. You should exit  your coaching program with the confidence and the knowledge to be successful as an executive. 

Our Next Opportunity

Our Next Coaching service includes our online group coaching program on August 7th - with an a.m. or p.m. course choice.  It is designed for new nonprofit executives. We are offering a convenient payment plan for participants through June 30th at just $273.75 per month for 4 months. You will apply for capacity building funding, develop programs and more. Click HERE to enroll.

One-on-One Coaching

Opportunities for one-on-one coaching with our lead coach Denise B. Lawrence is now available for July 2018.  Space is limited to a few clients.  

If you are seeking work life balance or help facing leadership challenges this is for you.  Or, maybe you just need an accountability partner to get things done. 

The first step is to complete a 90-minute breakthrough session to establish goals and get clarity on your individual personal and professional needs by clicking HERE

Solve Your Pressing Issues

You may be a candidate for our VIP coaching program, if you are experiencing any of the following leadership challenges presented by the Center for Executive Coaching:

Feeling Overwhelmed, Challenges with Resolving Conflict Among Your Team, Challenges with Setting Expectations and Accountability, Setting Boundaries with Your Board, Succession Planning, Developing the next generation, Improving Your Leadership Presence in the Community, and Building a Power Base. Schedule a free consultation to learn more HERE

Why Choose Us?

Hiring the right executive coach should involve building a relationship centered on trust and mutual clarity about expectations.  Our team of coaches is led by our founder Denise Lawrence who has three decades of service to helping nonprofit leaders like you.  

She understands and has overcome the same challenges you face as a nonprofit executive regardless of whether you are just starting out, are seasoned or you are somewhere in the middle.  Lets get to know each other a little through a free conversation to see if there is enough synergy to get started, by clicking HERE

About Us

Comprehensive Executive Nonprofit Career Coaching

Whether you are seeking a new career direction in the nonprofit industry , trying to run a nonprofit for the first time, seeking more work/life balance, or you are having some other leadership challenges, we can help. We coach and counsel nonprofit executive clients by identifying key strengths and accomplishments while assessing your personal needs and career interests.

Become a Better Leader

We’ll review your work history, education, strengths, accomplishments, problem areas, skills, values, motivations and goals. We will complete an organization assessment if needed. We then develop an action plan to address your leadership challenges in a way that you become an inspiration and motivator for those leaders coming up behind you.  

We offer breakthrough sessions to really determine what or who is in your way, group courses online, 3-month, 6-month & 12-month individual sessions, and one-on-one VIP Coaching. We can also design a customized group coaching program for your team.

About Us

Let us coach you far away from being a frustrated nonprofit leader.  Become a successful executive with a profitable and sustainable organization - and achieve work-life balance too! 

This nonprofit coaching platform is a service of Charity Consultants, Inc.  Using the expertise of Charity Consultants Founder Denise B. Lawrence and her 31 years in the nonprofit industry, we use proven career coach systems to help build thriving non profit organizations while helping you balance life!   

"I've always wanted to pursue a career in the nonprofit sector but felt stuck on how to make the transition.  Denise has a wealth of knowledge which she generously shares. I am truly excited about the possibilities that she is helping me realize,"                               

Delran Andrews,

International Development Executive


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