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Closing the Business Wealth Equity Gap
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Only 6% of US Business earn 6 figures

Only 2% of US Business earn 7 figures

We must change these statistics!

“Denise was instrumental in me acclimating to a Denver-based mastermind network she facilitated virtually with Highrise Networks. On several occasions her business referrals, input, guidance, and her vast business knowledge and generosity, were assets that set her apart as a business success leader and mentor. I highly recommend Denise and her business mastermind program.”

Flo D. Lattery
Commercial Finance Consultant
Aspen Commercial Lending, LLC

Denise B. Lawrence
Denise B. Lawrence

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Closing the Wealth Equity Gap for Businesses in America.

Opening a business is supposed to be the catalyst for financial freedom and access to legacy-level wealth. The reality is that too many businesses barely making it, and living the same paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle they hoped a business would rescue them from. If revenue goals are not being achieved, then a Business Disruption is required. While COVID was an added downer, this inequality has occurred for a long time. What we know is yesterday’s strategy is likely obsolete. Today’s business founder must stay hungry, stay searching, and stay laser focused on the right tools, resources, and trends to scale and keep growing. With the right strategies, the right team, the right investments, and the right attitude, seven figure level wealth is possible in as little as 12 months. We offer programs for every business budget to elevate your business to seven figures per year or eight figures per year and to challenge the statistics. This work is about bringing together all of us who embrace the idea of a collective strength to end the business wealth equity gap. Together we must become intentional in seeking out the right strategies through the right support systems to scale and sustain business wealth.

TOP 10 Pain Points for Businesses Founders

1. Fundraising: raising capital is often difficult, and founders may struggle to secure the investment needed to launch or grow their business.

2. Competition: competition in the market can be fierce, and founders must be able to differentiate their products or services to succeed.

3. Marketing and sales: attracting and retaining customers is critical for business success, but many founders may lack experience or resources to market and sell effectively.

4. Hiring and retaining talent: finding and retaining qualified employees can be a challenge, especially in a competitive job market.

5. Managing cash flow: managing cash flow is critical for any business, and many founders struggle to balance expenses and revenues.

6. Scaling the business: scaling a business can be difficult, and founders may need to navigate new challenges as the company grows.

7. Legal and regulatory compliance: navigating the legal and regulatory landscape can be complicated and time-consuming, especially for businesses in highly regulated industries.

8. Time management: founders often wear many hats and may struggle to balance competing demands on their time.

9. Product development: developing and launching a new product can be a complex and challenging process.

10. Managing stress and burnout: starting and running a business can be stressful and demanding, and founders may struggle with burnout and mental health issues.

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