From Corporate Job to Nonprofit Executive in 8 Weeks

We Coach You to Success!

"In a Matter of Weeks I was Able to Go Fulltime as a Nonprofit Exec," Connie Grant

If You Do It Alone, This Will Happen ...

You Will Not Raise Enough Money

Fundraising is the biggest challenge a nonprofit faces.  We have a Proven System to ensure you raise enough money to pay yourself and your team; and deliver programs that change the lives of those you serve.

Your Board Will Block Your Success

A great board should be giving money and opening doors to receive more money. It's called the Give and Get model. We will show you how to develop a thriving fundraising and governance board that becomes your partner.

No One Will Know Who You Are

In order to have the greatest impact on the community you serve, the community must know you exist and what you do.  Without community credibility you will be searching for support in vain. We help you become a Community Powerhouse - raise more money & serve more people.

You Will Burnout & Fail

Fail to plan and you plan to fail. 80% of nonprofits fail in the first 5 years. Running a nonprofit is no easy task.  It takes skills and specific know how to manage its many moving parts.  Every year the Best Intentions Fail for a lack of support, resources and knowledge.  

"I quit my corporate job and started my nonprofit after this coaching," Michelle Harrison

You Are Not Alone

Become A Success Story. Act Now!

With 30 Plus Years of Experience Helping Hundreds of Leaders Just Like You, We Help You Get It Right!

Are You Ready For Success?

  1. Save The World & Earn a Living!
  2. Impact Your Community/Change Lives!
  3. Hire The Best Team!
  4. Engage A Winning Board!
  5. Become an Expert Fundraiser!
  6. Establish A Profitable Nonprofit!

Are You Still Unsure?

  1. Let's Get To Know Each Other & Set Your Goals 
  2. Discover the Best Coaching Option to Achieve Your Goals 
  3. Then, Enroll in the Best Option For You and Let Success Begin

You Can Leave That Corporate Job

"After Coaching with Denise B. Lawrence, I quit my corporate job and I started a new nonprofit career. Before this coaching I was stuck and I did not know how to do it," Delran Andrews

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