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96% of Black US Business are Solopreneurs – Not Employers

80% of Black Women Business Owners Don’t Earn $100k a Year

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Denise B. Lawrence

About Denise B. Lawrence

Business Advisory & Strategy, Philanthropic Engagement, and Communications

Denise B. Lawrence brings 37 years of experience to the business growth space that evolves from her building a rewarding career as a serial entrepreneur and landed her in the coveted 20% of Black Women Small Business Owners who have built a million-dollar empire. She is focused on contributing to the narrative to strategically create legacy-level wealth for black business leaders globally.

She has created mastermind programs to guide the 96% of black business solopreneurs to become employers in 12 months. Denise is part of the 4% who are employers and from this perspective offers peer-to-peer programs and 1:1 coaching to address the unique challenges and opportunities that black business leaders face.

“I highly recommend Denise to anyone looking to grow as an executive.”

It was invaluable for me to have an experienced consulting professional and coach like Denise as I was starting my own nonprofit consulting business at just 30 years old. Denise saw my potential and helped to grow my confidence in my own abilities and skills, regularly talking me back from the self-doubt ledge and helping me to strategize ways to build my business around my demanding 9-5 job. I’m grateful to have had her guidance to set me up for success in the consulting world!

Fiona F

Founder and Principal, Atlanta, GA

As a coach, Denise is informed, decisive, action-oriented and cuts to the chase. If you are overthinking things, she will get you moving. She puts the responsibility of having a vision on you, and pushes you to be confident in yourself. She will give you action items, puts you on a schedule, and checks to make sure you’re delivering. She knows the tools and tactics, and puts them in a framework you can use.

Alex B

Business Owner, San Francisco Bay Area

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