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Closing the Business Wealth Equity Gap
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96% of Black US Business are Solopreneurs – Not Employers

80% of Black Women Business Owners Don’t Earn $100k a Year

We must change these statistics!

Denise B. Lawrence
Denise B. Lawrence

Changing The Game

The ultimate goal is to close the wealth equity gap for black businesses in America.

Currently, the average black-owned business owner makes $56,000 per year in revenue compared to $600,000 in average annual revenue for a white business. If we count the fact that white businesses earn an 8% annual revenue increase, the average black business will need to earn $840,000 annually in the next five years to close the business wealth gap.

Is this doable? Yes, with the right strategies, the right team, the right investments, and the right attitude. We offer programs for every business budget to elevate your business to six figures per year, seven figures per year or eight per figures per year. This work is about bringing together all of us: black, white, and every other race who embrace the idea of a collective strength to end the business wealth equity gap. Together we must grow the 3.1 million black businesses who are solopreneurs; and create billionaire revenue for the 135,000 black business employers. The point is WE MUST BE INTENTIONAL. If you are ready to choose your INTENTIONAL path, learn more here.

“In 2018, there were about 3,115,000 nonemployer businesses with Black owners.”
U.S. Census, Annual Business Survey
“In 2019, there were 134,567 Black-owned employer businesses (businesses with more than one employee.”
U.S. Census, Annual Business Survey

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