Success Stories

Denise continues to build partnerships across the U.S. to help her coaching, advising and consultant clients tap into the resources they need escalate growth. From vendors who have reach into Walmart, Target, and other online shopping giants, to government procurement opportunities, to merger and acquisition experts, to marketing and data gurus, to small business lenders, Denise finds the support her clients need.

Here are a few success stories:

After hiring Denise as a business advisor, a luxury car mobile detail company grew through the development of new marketing strategies and automation, and eventually added a luxury in-home chef business to the mix to generate additional income when cash flow slows in the winter months. – Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA

After Denise provided coaching, strategy and business profitability planning, a women’s apparel company found a life support after losing a popular television shopping spot, by discovering the profit streams in global catalog shopping and the urgency for that industry to increase its minority vendors.

Orlando, FL

Through strategic growth planning and advisement with Denise, a small consulting firm grew into a multi-layered operation that is captured a loyal customer base, developed a new product line, and attracted a national partnership to significantly grow clients, income, and impact.

Washington, DC

“Whenever I need advice,
I call on Denise.”

“Making Money and building wealth are two entirely different things,” Tommy Pearse, Neighborhood Nexus.

A for-profit business membership associate serving manufacturers brought Denise on early in its strategic development as a consultant and advisor. It quickly grew from a local networking company to a state-wide, chapter-led business with services to grow memberships and bring on loyal major corporate support.

State of Georgia

Monthly, one-on-one consistent coaching led the founder of a multi-housing rental company into strategic growth mode that attracted and retained the best talents, meets a housing need among the elderly and disabled in the community, and continues to grow revenue year over year.

Arlington, TX

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