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The ultimate goal is to coach companies through overcoming challenges around scaling and growing your business. Perhaps, you need a better philanthropic strategy on how you support those in need in your community so that it aligns with your company brand. Or, you may need support in creating cash-flow that is predictable and activates your bigger vision.

I offer the following services…

Private One-on-One Executive Coaching
Together we discover what challenges are holding you back from achieving your goals. And, together we create an action plan to get you moving in the right direction. I stick with you until you can ring the success bill as both your accountability partner and chief strategist.
Team Building and Other Group Coaching Onsite or Online
There is power in effective teams. As your accountability partner and chief strategists I work with the leader to get clarity around goals and objectives, coach the team through a buy-in and contribution process to those goals and then support the team as a whole through success.
Courses for Nonprofit Consultants
As a national facilitator for Candid (formerly the Foundation Center), I help consultants in the nonprofit industry to create and implement growth strategies that results in stable and growing cash-flow. Courses are typically held twice a year and includes six virtual intensive sessions.
Strategies for Establishing Charitable Footprints
When company executives arrive at the time to become philanthropic in the communities they work and live in, I help them create a charitable strategy that benefits the community and the company brand so that everyone wins.
Organizational Growth Consulting for your Business
This service is perfect for business who are in the 3-5 year term and who are ready to execute big visions that include increased sales and revenue. Together we create and execute a plan that includes target marketing, partnership development and funding.

Nonprofit Executives

The ultimate goal for the nonprofit executives I work with is to coach you or your group through a specific challenge that hinders your success in becoming profitable. Profitable organizations can weather economic storms. Profitable organizations can take bigger risks. The opportunity is to create and execute strategies that allow you to raise the kind of money needed to have greater community impact. With the right strategy and the right structure, no vision is too big!

Private One-on-One Coaching to Develop Successful Executives
The first step is a breakthrough session to determine the individual contributors holding you back. From there we put a plan together to overcome and achieve your goals.
Private Group Coaching to Develop Successful Teams
This is the best accountability platform for those leadership teams who have specific tasks to complete but require a partner through the process.
Online Courses to Create Profitable Organizations
Courses are presented throughout the year and incude topics on major donor fundraising, board development, digital fundraising and more.
LIVE 8-Week Online Group Course for Beginners
Twice per year, Denise facilitates an intensive learning program to help new nonprofit executives get it right in the startup phase.
Consulting for Next Level Growth
Consulting support to help your organization map out its profitability path. We offer strategic planning, board development, major donor fundraising and more.

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