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Denise B. Lawrence

I am a business growth strategist.

Denise spent the first 15 years of her career as a newspaper journalist covering cities across the nation, the White House and Congress before deciding to expand her nonprofit consulting practice from part-time to full-time. Today, that experience fuels her work in helping executives effectively and strategically communicate to advance their business landscape.

Denise advises and coaches business CEOs and C-Suite leaders – serving as both a sounding board, accountability partner, and strategist. She has led mastermind groups and verticals to a captured audience of over 1,400 business owners and executives. While she is an industry generalist, Denise has most recently coached and provided strategic services in manufacturing and supply chain logistics, technology, online product development and retail, architecture and construction, entertainment, human resource management, healthcare, publishing, management consulting, mergers and acquisitions, and real estate.

Denise owns a nonprofit consulting practice, the first global nonprofit consulting franchise operation, the first single parent dating app and community, an education academy, and serves in an advisory capacity for of an online apparel company, a health research organization, and a textile company. Denise has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Florida A&M University and a Master of Divinity from Liberty University. She is a servant leader as a pastor and global ministry leader with a focus on projects in the U.S., Haiti, Nigeria, and Rwanda.

Why Work With Me?

I am the founder and CEO of Charity Consultants, Inc., which owns the Denise B. Lawrence brand. I am also the owner of a business academy, and an investor and CEO for a growing international dating app and virtual community for single parents. I have coached hundreds of executives toward redirecting the financial outlook of their companies and organizations.

I consider myself to be blessed to serve as a mastermind facilitator and help solopreneurs overcome personal success obstacles and develop the right strategies to scale into seven figure companies that attract and retain the best talent.

I have established an incredible team to support my vision for my companies, learn best practices in development and discovered that I most happy when I am the Hunter and not the Farmer.

I am committed to sharing my experiences with others through my coaching services and share time between helping executives directly in group experiences and one-on-one coaching. My focus is on developing and implementing profit strategies for those who desire to achieve wealth. When I am not coaching, I allocate time to grow my businesses, lead my ministry in Rwanda, and working on special projects as an advisor and consultant.

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