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Denise B. Lawrence

I am a business growth strategist.

I bring 36 years of experience to the narrative on how to strategically create wealth from business ownership. Establishing a healthy financial position is more than a notion. I have learned the hard way the value of long-range planning, greater community impact, attracting and retaining the best talent, and most importantly how to activate your vision. I pour all my lessons into coaching that is both individualized and infused with proven tools and strategies. I have coached hundreds of executives toward redirecting, rebuilding, and reinventing their companies.

Over the last 22 years I have been able to work more closely with for-profit executives as I share my experience of creating a global enterprise and knowledge about the importance of data-driven strategy. My team of marketing, branding, business development, and communications strategists, technology leaders and operations experts allow me to bring forward a well-rounded team of business growth advocates.

I enjoy most working with clients who are socially responsible. These are the business leaders who want to establish or create a philanthropic community footprint as they build wealth – they want to give back to the communities they live and work in but understand the importance of aligning the charitable strategy with the business brand. Let me help you connect it all!

Why Work With Me?

I am the founder and CEO of Charity Consultants, Inc., which owns the Denise B. Lawrence brand. I am also the owner of a business academy, and an investor and CEO for a growing international dating app and virtual community for single parents. I have coached hundreds of executives toward redirecting the financial outlook of their companies and organizations.

I consider myself to be blessed to serve as a mastermind facilitator and help solopreneurs overcome personal success obstacles and develop the right strategies to scale into seven figure companies that attract and retain the best talent.

I have established an incredible team to support my vision for my companies, learn best practices in development and discovered that I most happy when I am the Hunter and not the Farmer.

I am committed to sharing my experiences with others through my coaching services and share time between helping executives directly in group experiences and one-on-one coaching. My focus is on developing and implementing profit strategies for those who desire to achieve wealth. When I am not coaching, I allocate time to grow my businesses, lead my ministry in Rwanda, and working on special projects as an advisor and consultant.

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